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Quarantine in Peace

The influx of COVID-19 in the United States has changed the way everyone operates daily. Most of us were busy with jobs, school and other responsibilities and longed for extended time to spend with loved ones. The government mandated self-isolation orders, however, was a change of plans that nobody anticipated, nor have control over. Unfortunately, this can also cause the dynamics within the household to change. How could it not? We are already dealing with anxiety about a possible global crisis, fearful of illness and worried about an income to survive. Now we are home together, wondering how long this can possibly last!

While we have no control over a lot of things right now, what we can control is how we communicate with our loved ones.

Build on Your Relationship

Life is stressful for everyone, but that tension does not have to cause conflict in the household. Being flexible to the idea of many solutions to a problem, and having open and respectful communication about it, will reduce family conflict and anxiety. Taking a proactive approach to managing and preventing household conflict will allow you to be focused on being loving and generous to those in your circle.

“Health” Conversations

The nature of COVID-19 warns that it is most easily spread within households. Whether you live with family or roommates, there needs to be a plan in place that will keep everyone safe and healthy. This conversation would include health concerns, and what steps to be taken if one starts showing symptoms.

Schedule Shared Living Space

Co-existing in “small” spaces can become irritating fast when you are shut-in together. If you have trouble cooperating with your roommates, or if you are the best of friends but you need a little alone time, making a schedule to use spaces in the house, such as the Livingroom or bathroom, can help alleviate conflict.


It is great to spend quality time with our children, but after a few weeks we are bound to be overwhelmed. Important things to remember are:

1. You do not have to be a super parent. Being tasked with working from home, caregiver and teacher, setting extremely high expectations for yourself is not necessary. We have all been thrown into this world-wind, trying to figure it out and do the best we can.

2. Be sure to take a moment to breathe. That’s right! Just step away, inhale deeply, exhale slowly. This moment will do wonders.

3. Think about connecting with other parents in your community. You are not alone. Other’s will be eager to have “virtual play-dates”, whether it is for the kids or the adults.

Be Human

While it is stressful to have conflict with loved ones, arguments are a normal part of life. Most of us react to fear or feeling out of control with anger and conflict; The other party is most likely feeling the same way. These periods of conflict will not kill a healthy relationship. As humans, we do the best we can. In the end, we rely on our power of FORGIVENESS.

If you are feeling over-whelmed, there are places and people that you can talk to.

Local: Life Management Center of Northwest Florida

National: MentalHealth.Gov

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