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Moving In: 7 Must-Have Items

You finally did it! After countless hours of searching, planning and completing applications, that new apartment is, at last, a realized dream. Now the fun begins – figuring out what you need. There’s really no need to wait until the last minute to acquire the basics you need to survive.

Here are seven must-have items for your new home:


Because you never know what accidents are going to occur, having a first-aid kit handy, is good advice for every household. Be sure the kit is stocked with all the essentials like rubbing alcohol, bandages, gauze, ibuprofen, etc.

2. A BED

Without getting a good night’s sleep, we would not enjoy our new apartment, so be sure to have this item. Along with the actual bed, don’t forget the pillows and linen!


Having some basic tools is a must for those inevitable tasks that can and will arise. Some essentials include screwdrivers, hammer, nails, utility knife and measuring tape.


This list should include plates, bowls and silverware for a place setting of four, as well as a can opener, cookware, a toaster, etc.


Here, we make sure we have essentials like soap, toilet paper, shower curtains, bathmats, toilet brush, cleaner and plunger.


Just in case the power outlets aren’t located exactly where you need them, power strips, as well as a surge protector are inexpensive ways to extend and protect your mobility.


Having some type of seating is a must in any home, unless you prefer lounging on floor cushions. Seating can take many forms these days, so you can opt for a sofa and chairs, or go with something multipurpose like a futon or sofa bed. The possibilities are only limited to the imagination.

As an after-thought, I will also suggest a television, unless you are perfectly fine watching everything on your phone or tablet.

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