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The Perfect Time for: Spring Cleaning

Updated: Apr 3

The idea of being quarantined is enough to make us all go a little stir-crazy. We have almost exhausted our options for entertaining activities. From detailing the car to finally getting that long-desired garden started, we are all thinking, “What’s next?”

This is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning.

What is Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning began around the 1940’s, when homes were heated by fireplace. Spring and warmer weather was the chance to air out the house and clean away all the soot and grime that accumulated over the winter months.

As homes and lifestyles changed, central heating has made spring cleaning almost a thing of the past. People are more apt to clean as they go, with regular speedy cleaning tasks. Here in Florida we also have the luxury of keeping our windows open, airing out our homes all year long. This should not deter us, however, because there are benefits to spring cleaning. Especially now!

Why Spring Clean

A thorough cleaning will give your home a total refresh, as well as reviving your spirit. Having a clean and organized home will make you and your family feel happy, eliminating stress that is caused by chaotic environments. A clean home will also keep you healthy by reducing allergies, mold, lowers risk of injury, and keeps pests away.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here is a list of tasks you can reference to get started on your own Spring Cleaning Journey!

· Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

· Clean windowsills and window tracts

· Vacuum curtains and window blinds

· Wipe down shoe molding and dust room corners for cobwebs

· Test batteries in all your smoke detectors

· Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches


· Clean kitchen appliances:

· Wipe down your microwave, coffeemaker and other small appliances

· Empty the crumb tray in your toaster and / or toaster oven

· Empty refrigerator and defrost freezer

· Clean your oven and scrub the stovetop / range

· Clear out cabinets and wash shelves

· Sanitize the sink and clean the inner rim of your sink guard

· Clean refrigerator shelves

· Clean behind and beneath refrigerator


· Organize drawers and closets

· Wash bedding and pillows

· Rotate your mattress

· Disinfect kids’ toys


· Organize cabinets and drawers

· Properly dispose of old medicine and toiletries

· Scrub the shower and bathtub

· Wash shower curtain and floormat

· Scrub the toilet and tile around the toilet


· Clean keyboard with canned air

· Disinfect computer mouse and phone


· Remove furniture cushions and vacuum crevasses


· Clean behind washer and dryer

· Thoroughly clean lint trap in dryer AND washer


· Remove everything from your garage reorganize

· Pressure wash your deck and outdoor furniture

· Hose-out your garbage can and recycling bins

· Remove screens and wash with a soapy sponge and water

· Wash the outside of your windows before replacing your window screens

Now that we have gotten all the hard work out of the way and are relaxing with a chilled beverage, it’s time to consider, again, “What’s next?”

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