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7 Exercises You Can Do In An Apartment

Amidst the changes in our daily routine, we are looking for ways to stay fit and active. Not having access to a gym does not exclude us from being able to maintain a workout routine. We can manage an effective workout in our own homes, even if it’s an apartment! You don’t want to disturb your neighbors, of course, but you still want the impact of a good workout, which can be attained with the right exercises.


A classic part of any exercise routine is a basic squat. You do not need to carry any weight or use any equipment for the exercises. Simply stand with your feet at shoulder width and bend your knees. You want to keep your back straight and your knees behind your toes. It will look similar to sitting down in a chair, except that you do not have a chair behind your body. Push back up to a standing position and then repeat the process.


Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your arms. Start with your hands flat on the floor and shoulder width apart. Walk your feet back until you are holding up your body on your hands and toes. Keep your back straight. You can also put your knees on the ground if you find the exercise difficult. Lower your body to the ground and hold it for one second before pushing back up into the starting position.


To get some intense cardio without pounding the pavement, go mountain climbing (the kind that doesn’t require an actual mountain). To do a mountain climber, get into push-up position. Then step one foot forward as if you’re walking up a staircase. Repeat with the alternate foot. Do this move as fast as you can for one minute. Repeat two more times with a 30-second break between each set.


Lunges are a simple exercise you can do in the house. Start with your legs hip-width apart. Step out to the side with one foot and bend the same knee while keeping your back straight and your other leg straight. Stand up and step into the starting position. Repeat the process on the other side.


Ab exercises are an important part of any workout routine. For crunches or sit-ups, lie on the floor and move your feet until your legs are at a 45-degree angle. Support your head with your hands or place your hands across your chest. Lift up with your lower abs until your shoulders come up off the floor. Lower your body back to the floor. Sit-ups differ slightly since you want to bring your body up in a sitting position.


For another cardio option in your mini makeshift gym, pick up those knees! Essentially that’s the whole move — run in place and drive your knees just above your hips. To get the most out of this exercise, put your hands with palms down in front of you and try to hit them with your kneecaps. Or, you could try pumping your arms with perfect 90-degree angles to elevate the cardio level. Also, to avoid any injury, make sure you land on the balls of your feet rather than your heels. Do this for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. Then, repeat three to five times.


Side planks are a quick and easy exercise for apartment living. Lie on your side with your legs straight. Prop your body up on your forearm and tighten your abs to hold your body in position. Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Living in an apartment does not mean ignoring your health. Using cardio-based body-weight exercises that do not require equipment or extra space, you can create an effective workout routine. To take a look at our apartment rentals, contact us today.

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